Article for Message ID:   ZFS-8000-EY

ZFS label hostid mismatch






The ZFS pool was last accessed by another system

Automated Response

No automated response will be taken.


ZFS filesystems are not available

Suggested Action for System Administrator

The pool has been written to from another host, and was not cleanly exported from the other system. Actively importing a pool on multiple systems will corrupt the pool and leave it in an unrecoverable state. To determine which system last accessed the pool, run the 'zpool import' command:

# zpool import
  pool: test
    id: 14702934086626715962
state:  ONLINE
status: The pool was last accessed by another system.
action: The pool can be imported using its name or numeric identifier and
        the '-f' flag.

        test              ONLINE
          c0t0d0          ONLINE

# zpool import test
cannot import 'test': pool may be in use from other system, it was last
accessed by 'tank' (hostid: 0x1435718c) on Fri Mar  9 15:42:47 2007
use '-f' to import anyway

If you are certain that the pool is not being actively accessed by another system, then you can use the '-f' option to 'zpool import' to forcibly import the pool.


The Message ID: ZFS-8000-EY indicates that the pool cannot be imported as it was last accessed by another system. Take the documented action to resolve the problem.