Native ZFS on Linux

The native Linux kernel port of the ZFS filesystem. To get started with ZFS on Linux simply download the latest release and install using the directions for your distribution.

Version Checksums ChangeLog Release Date
spl- / zfs- sha256 v0.6.5 v0.6.5.1 v0.6.5.2 v0.6.5.3 v0.6.5.4 v0.6.5.5 v0.6.5.6 Mar 22 2016
spl- / zfs- sha256 v0.6.4 v0.6.4.1 v0.6.4.2 June 26 2015
spl-0.6.3 / zfs-0.6.3 sha256 v0.6.3 v0.6.3-1.1 v0.6.3-1.2 v0.6.3-1.3 June 12 2014
spl-0.6.2 / zfs-0.6.2 sha256 v0.6.2 Aug 23 2013
spl-0.6.1 / zfs-0.6.1 sha256 v0.6.1 Mar 27 2013
archived versions

Distribution Distribution Distribution Distribution
Arch Linux Debian Fedora Funtoo
Generic DEBs Generic RPMs Gentoo RHEL / CentOS / SL
Sabayon SprezzOS Ubuntu

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Native ZFS on Linux
Produced at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
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